A Dedicated Family of Chefs

working to create both authentic and contemporary dishes for your tasting pleasure

What is Kilby?

Kilby is a german word meaning ‘farm by the stream’ which conveys natural harvests and healthy environment.
K signifies the kernel, which is a major ingredient in our meals.
I refers to the self.
L refers to the leaf, which is the ingredient for all teas.
B refers to beans, which go to make our delicious coffees.
Y refers to the yin and yang which perfectly blends these ingredients into a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
So try Kilby and be inspired too!
It seems that every new start up these days is based on IT, Technology  and the future. For our idea, we decided to look back.
How often have you sat back and recalled the past, remembering great foods and special flavors  that you once enjoyed but can no longer find in this modern age.  It was this same thought and desire to create the natural, tasty flavors of the past in a contemporary environment that led to the creation of Kilby. 
Every measure is taken in the extreme to ensure that the best possible tastes are produced based on time honoured recipes, popular requests and highly trained cooks renowned in their specialty. You will taste the difference between the  fast foods of today and the  specially prepared dishes we offer.
We have spared no effort in locating the best ingredients and endless trials of recipes from far regions of the subcontinent  to prepare the  tastiest foods and optimum menu. The determination and deep passion to provide a unique experience in Dubai for the residents is a testament to the dedication Kilby has brought to the market.
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