Healthy food is an essential part of our lives, but tasty and yummy food is also a basic human desire. For healthy food intake such as vegetables or green salad, sometimes one has to compromise on taste and deliciousness. However, in between this healthy vs. tasty food challenge, there lies a fine line where exists the gravy-powered scrumptious, Nihari. What is Nihari & Where Did it Come From? Nihari is […]

Every living thing and non-living thing needs some input in order to produce efficient output. Everything needs to be relaxed and charged once the energy is almost consumed. For example, our technological devices are also powered by batteries, which need to be relaxed and charged after a specific period.  We, as humans, need air to breath, food to fill our bellies, and water to survive healthily. Moreover, we need tea […]

In our previous post, the background and origins of tea, we discussed the origination of tea and its importance in the older times. Today we will demonstrate the different kinds of tea and coffee we serve at Kilby as well as their miraculous benefits. Scientists suggest drinking tea protects many people against a vast number of diseases including cancer. Moreover, tea contains antioxidants and has less caffeine than coffee, which […]

  Since ages, breakfast is termed as the most vital meal of the day and we all know about the research-backed importance of breakfasts. Many people like to make it the most entertaining and healthy meal of the day while some people ignore it fully as they are in a hurry in the morning. [Registered dietitian nutritionist, Dawn Jackson Blatner] “We all have an inner food ninja who can confidently […]